Today is Easter Sunday and that means bad for all the other holiday people like the Mc'Oneils from St. Patricks land , and the Ghosties and Ghoulies and Long-Legged Beasties from Halloween Land and us the Snow people and Slide slippers of Ice from Christmas Land. Each holiday the inhabitants of it rule the other holidays. On Easter whenever I look somewhere I can catch glimpses of eggs all over the place. Each person has a family from each different holiday, Oh and by the way my name is Bogusia a snow person my husband is from Remembrance Day,my small-middle son is from Halloween my big-middle son is from EasterLand and my big son and small son are from St. Patricks Land. Everybody complains about something each year like the Suns from Summer holiday complained that it was to slippery on Christmas. And the Bunnies and Eggs complained that there was nothing to find on St. Patricks day just to fall into a trap. But right after Today the world is going to change.

It was a typical day in the physical dimension and also in holiday land it was a typical day but a typical day was war screaming and yelling. You couldn't hear anything in the physical dimension but an occasional rumble. Then suddenly there was an unearthly sound CRACK a giant hole was in the middle of the street all my family friends and me came stomping screaming squashing everything in our path. Now you want to know how the hole came? Well it came by a mouse and it stomped everything in its path.

And then the idiots dummies and the fighters came one fighter did the move karate and another did the singer were you sing you are dumb and have colours so thats why i am going to eat you and you also look purple so you look like grape fruit so thats why I am going to eat you........................And then they fought allot while mister big brain made attacking stuff like the attacker and the humans lost and only some survived and now you know why your classmate has big furry ears. He's a EASTER BUNNY!


Yesterday I was until twelve o'clock cause I was playing Starcraft two arcade game. One game was starbattle and we had to control a ship. Another was battlecraft were you had a crystal of life and you had a gateway,baracks,spawning pool and a mercenary compound. The gateway has all the protoss stuff ,the barracks has the terran stuff.The spawning pool has the zerg stuff and the mercanery campound hasthe elite units


Yesterday we were playing risk. I was yellow , Kasper was blue, Oscar was grey, and Robert was red. I had a center of power in Siberia and I mostly attacked Oscar but sometimes Robert and at the start I atacked Kasper. At the end, Siberia had Twenty people on it, which is a lot. We didn't get to finish because I had to go home . The end.

Oh, and something else my dad is doing a demo on how to make a pumpkin on blender, I wish I knew how to do it. Maybe he can teach me. Now its the real end

the adventure

Today we were on a mission to attack the bad guys they were super powerful and we were also super powerful, by the way did i let you know that i was Zerg and Robert was Terrain and there was a bunch of other guys that were also very good but not as good as us and we got them. I made a lot of zerglings and hydralisks and Robert made marauders and marines and reapers. Now we completed the mission and we win! We had a insane and medium computer on our team and a insane, medium, hard and easy computer on their team. That's the first time that we had a computer on our team and they were zerg,protoss,terrain and terrain. We were actually playing Starcraft II and I was copying of the computer but not that much, just a little-insy-winsy-tiny-tinier than a gluon size, you know like I copied the computer so little that you could say that I didn't copy the computer at all, but you know I did. Next time i'm going talk about a board game

Robert and Konrad

Robert is five years old and Konrad is three years old. Robert's hobby is talking but he usually cries all the time. Konrad always says yes to everything , he always is funny except when he is sad. Robert and Konrad are buddies and me and Gabriel are buddies. Robert and Konrad are the trouble-makers and me and Gabriel are the eating machines. Tomorrow we start the adventure!

My first blog

Today my mom semi-forced me to start a blog. My favorite game is Starcraft II, my favorite person is Gabriel(the baby), we crawl,sit and walk on the floor,table,chair and park in the basement,house and outdoors. I am 8 and Gabriel is 1, my birthday is on may 11 and his birthday is on September 18 and I walk and he crawls! This blog is going to be about our adventures.

Raccoon Update 2

That darn raccoon! I think it pretty much cleared out of the bottom attic, which continues to be guarded by motion sensors and screeching sirens. Now it went into the upper attic atop the second floor addition. I hooked up sensors and floodlights up there too, but it is a much larger space and I couldn't jury-rig enough sensors to cover it all. I pointed the light and stereo towards where I thought the raccoon was entering and, although it got tripped every so often I thought that it had scared the raccoon away. I checked every time after the alarms went off and saw no vermin.

Since the security system did go off sometimes, I wanted to make double sure whether it was a raccoon or just some random wind. To that end, I found an old laptop and some old webcams, updated the little motion detection program I wrote from when we lived in Edmonton and tried to catch a raccoon getting in. Nothing for several days, but yesterday I found the evidence. Raccoon climbed in over a vent and chilled in the attic. Might even be a different raccoon -- them things all look alike! I chased it out this morning and it didn't come back all day.

I'll seal up that entry with chicken wire but I do hope that our contractor comes quick to finish the exterior!

Raccoon Update 1

So after we discovered the raccoon I looked up some FACTS! on the Internet. It turns out that they like to live in attics because they are warm, dry, and safe. Raccoons also like to poop, which I would expect. I didn't expect that they would poop in their homes, which is our home. I thought they would just live there, like a dog, and instinctively want to poop outside far away from their homes. Nope, they poop their own homes.

Also, interestingly, Raccoons carry this nasty kind of roundworm that can invade humans, burrowing into their brains. That's not a joke. Mishandling Raccoon poop can make you go mental.

Another thing I found out is that raccoons have babies in the late spring or early summer. So, pretty soon. And once a mother has babies, she'll never leave them.

We had to take action.

Step 1: Check if she's still up there. So we pointed a light in the attic and Bogusia spotted the sucker. She's still in there, and she's taken poops because it stinks.

Step 2: Send in the dogs. We tossed Joxer in the attic and he scared her out no problem.

Step 3: Clean the toxic poop. I did that because I've had a longer happier life than Bogusia, so if I die it would be better. She has her whole future ahead of her and I'm just on a decline.

Step 4: Install a light and motion detectors. We have two old portable motion alarms that emit a siren when anything moves. They now protect our attic so when the raccoon wants to come in for a quiet rest after turning over trash cans, she'll be screamed at by the alarms and have a light in her face. Another function of the alarms is that it tells us when to send Joxer into the attic.

Step 5: Dunno yet. The alarms tripped yesterday a couple of times but I don't think the raccoon stayed. If she doesn't get discouraged enough to find a new home then I'll have to take further action. I'm going to try to set up a night vision camera to film where she gets in. I suspect it is a cedar next to our house. Perhaps we could cut it down, electrify it, tie up the dogs next to it, something like that.

We'll see.

Our New Pet

I love to tell our kids horror stories about ghosts, vampires, monsters under the bed, that kind of thing. Not to mention that I frequently hide behind a door or a wall and jump out as family members walk by screaming `BOO!`. Well today I`m putting little Robert to bed and I hear a scary noise. There is shuffling around in the corner of Robert`s room, but on the ceiling like it`s upstairs. That should be ok except that I thought everyone was downstairs. Konrad in bed, Jakub going to bed and Mom getting him a drink of water.

"It must be the dog," I think and mentally make a note to double check. But I'm a little worried. It sounded a little bit too clear, too close. It was almost like the noise was IN the room.

After finishing Robert's reading I go upstairs to check for dogs, but they aren't there. Hmmm. Maybe they were up there, but went down in the few minutes that I read the book. So I confirm that everyone is downstairs and I take a stick to just knock the ceiling a little. Nothing. Nothing. Then a little shuffle, maybe. I knock louder. This time there is a shuffle for sure. Great. We have a critter somewhere in the attic.

Well, turns out that a cute little raccoon took advantage of our construction to hide in the little space of the roof overhang. Now how do we get rid of him?


Final Snow Days of Winter

In the last few weeks of winter we had really great snow falls followed by very mild temperatures leading to great SNOW. One of those days was a gorgeous weekend Saturday. That day Robert and I didn't want to come inside. First we made an awesome snowman, then we went sledding down our little hill in front of our house. Then we recruited Alex (Daddy) and Jakub to build forts and we threw snowballs at each other protected only by our wicked forts. FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!

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